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Enter the Horror Circus, an escape room where frights and puzzles hide behind every curtain. In this mysterious circus tent, the clowns' laughter is anything but friendly, and the puzzles are as 'funny' as the dark secrets they guard. Your team has 60 minutes to get out of the nightmarish ring by discovering hidden clues and solving unique puzzles.

But be careful, the clown doesn't want you, his main attraction, to leave so easily. Every second counts because if time runs out, you'll become part of the eternal performance. Face your fear and escape from the Horror Circus before you become the next terrifying act.


Step into the mysterious atmosphere of our Horror Circus Escape Room and take a nerve-wracking journey into the heart of an enigmatic carnival. 

The key to your escape? A hidden safe in the dressing room, which holds none other than the clown's personal diary – an ordinary book that may unlock the door to his darkest secrets and even more evil mysteries.

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