Horror escape room with live actor

The Nightmare

60 m


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Imagine awakening in a dim cell, with no memory of how you got there. The atmosphere is oppressive, covered with signs of past prisoners who couldn't escape their fate. A sense of dread settles over you as you feel unnoticed. Suddenly, the abductor speaks - a lunatic who wants to commence a deadly game.

What sounds like a scene from a horror movie suddenly becomes reality. The Maniac has entangled you and your friends in his perilous game, and you have no choice but to face the ominous challenge.

The hour ticks away as you tackle intricate challenges and puzzles. Each step brings you closer to the exit, but can you escape in time? Life or death - the decision is yours.

Plunge into the ultimate thrill in the escape room. Your teamwork and determination will be put to the test as you outwit the madness. Are you prepared to defeat the nightmare and emerge as heroes?


Your objective is to decipher the lunatic's puzzles and escape the nightmare. In an hour, you must conquer your fears to survive. Keep a clear head and don't let fear prevail.

Escape your nightmare.

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